​​​​​Keeping Your Lawn And Shrubs Green - 

With No Weeds Or Pests In Between

Jay Barry worked twelve years as a certified trainer/operator and route manager for a large lawn treatment/pest control company in Florida. In 2014, he relocated with his family to Dacula, Georgia. He and his wife, Billie, decided to start their own business so they could provide their customers with great quality service as well as lawns treated by an experienced, reliable service technician.

Our History

The O'Barry's Lawn EnhancementsDifference


After working for big lawn treatment companies in Florida and Georgia we saw firsthand that not all companies are the same. We realized that what some big companies lost as they grew was a personal contact with their customers as well as a loss of good quality service. We were disappointed in how some of the big companies did not take the time or pride in doing lawns as we were so accustomed to. We felt the customers deserved better than that and that is why we started our business.

At O'Barry's, our goal is to provide the highest quality in customer care and service. We are a family business interested in building customer relationships through dependable service, a caring attitude, and a desire for you to be able to enjoy your property.

With over fifteen years of experience, we know how and when to apply our program to best enhance your property throughout the year. Let our family give your family a healthy looking lawn.